Map of South Atlantic Express Cable (SAEx1) and South Asia Express Cable (SAEx2)
6+ fibre pairs, 100G per wavelength, 108Tbps total capacity

SAEx1 - South Atlantic Express

SAEx1 is a phased development project designed to minimise the time between construction and revenue service, the system will run initially from Cape Town to a branching unit near to Fortaleza in Brazil where it will interconnect to a partner system providing onward access at RFS of this section to an established landing and interface point on the US east coast. Once FCC approvals have been obtained, this will be followed up with a new segment direct to the USA from the branching unit as traffic grows providing customers with path and landing station diversity on the northern section of the route, at Virginia Beach. SAEx1 will therefore provide both capacity and redundancy to meet the ever-increasing demand for bandwidth-hungry markets with ultra-broadband access around the Atlantic, as well as enhance the role of digital connectivity in regional economic development.

SAEx1 will feature a minimum of six fibre pairs with a minimum combined capacity of 108 Tbps and will be the only system connecting South Africa directly to the USA, and added with the partner system’s fibre pair link from Fortaleza, will offer a truly diverse trans-Atlantic network, which will then connect to the Indian Ocean Rim market, via a second phase from South Africa to Asia (SAEx2).

Virginia Beach and Wall to Cape Town

  • Fortaleza (~950 km)
  • Ascension
  • West Africa (~2,800 km)
  • St Helena
length of main trunk ~13,300 km (Virginia Beach - Cape Town)
~7,600 km (Fortaleza - Cape Town)
total length incl. branches ~14,720 km
minimum design capacity 108 Tbps
expected RFS date Q3 2021
Topology and seabed profile of SAEx1 - South Atlantic Express Cable
6+ fibre pairs, 100G per wavelength, 108Tbps total capacity

SAEx2 - South Asia Express

In phase 2 the SAEx system will extend its build to the East, via an international system — offering a minimum initial system design capacity of 108 Tbps by at least six fibre pairs - a route of about 13,900km extending an express system between Cape Town, Singapore and India, and with two further fibre pairs between Cape Town and Amanzimtoti. SAEx2 will feature four branching units facing Amanzimtoti, Mauritius, India and upper Malay Peninsula.

Once interconnected SAEx2 together with SAEx1 will establish a truly global digital superhighway, providing both a unique route from Asia to the Americas and creating a secure new link on the cable map of the world, one which avoids all the common choke points, such as the Med-Red Sea route and the Pacific Ring of Fire.

Amanzimtoti to India and Singapore

  • Amanzimtoti
  • Mauritius
  • India
  • upper Malay Peninsula
length of main trunk ~11,700km (Singapore - Cape Town)
~11,800km (India - Cape Town)
minimum design capacity 108 Tbps
expected RFS date Q4 2021
Topology and seabed profile of SAEx2 - South Asia Express Cable

Project Status

Status of SAEx1 - South Atlantic Express Cable
Status of SAEx2 - South Asia Express Cable

A new route avoiding existing choke points

  • SAEx provides a secure all subsea routing from the Indian Ocean and Asia to the Americas, avoiding geological and geopolitical hazards present on current paths. The South Atlantic shows greater geophysical stability than the Mediterranean, Far East and Pacific, while the western side of the Indian Ocean is much calmer seismically than the eastern Indian Ocean.
  • SAEx uses a route through the geologically safe and ‘peaceful’ South Atlantic and Indian Oceans with physical separation from established transit hubs and known geological hazards that occur on existing paths.
  • SAEx provides an all subsea route from Indian Ocean network nodes in the Gulf Region, India and East Asia to South America and the USA. To the extent possible, SAEx avoids narrow straits and transits through potentially unstable areas and unreliable overland transit networks.
  • SAEx will provide the only secure subsea connectivity between cable systems on the east and west coasts of Africa.



Dr Rosalind Thomas

Dr Rosalind Thomas

MD at SAEx International Ltd (Mauritius)
CEO at SAEx SA (Pty) Ltd (South Africa)

Fiona Beck

Fiona Beck

Chairman at SAEx International Ltd (Mauritius)
Shareholder in SAEx International Ltd (Mauritius)



Peter Howard

Peter Howard

Lead of Project Management and Vendor Selection
Commercial Director at Datawave Ltd

John Tibbles

John Tibbles

Strategy & Marketing Advisor
Managing Director at JTIC Consulting

A-2-Sea Solutions Limited

A-2-Sea Solutions Ltd

Technical Project Management
Quality Assurance and Acceptance

Paul Dixon

Paul Dixon

Financial Advisor
Managing Director at Nova Capital Partners
New York City, USA

Mike Conradi

Mike Conradi

Legal Advisor
Partner at DLA Piper LLP
London, UK



Telecom Italia Sparkle S.p.A.
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Global Partner Asia/EMEA

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Data Centre Partner America

ACA International - International Telecom Specialists
Alcatel Submarine Networks