Map of South Atlantic Express Cable (SAEx1) and South Asia Express Cable (SAEx2)


A Truly Safe and Secure, East-West Solution, with Cape Town as the Next ‘Digital Global Hub’…

SAEx SON will provide a unique Southern Hemisphere east/west diverse path which:

  • Avoids the complexities of the Red Sea, Straits of Hormuz and the Gulf
  • Avoids the need to use lengthy terrestrial routes to cross Africa with their associated operational and security issues
  • Offers a largely deep-water routing which includes only a single interconnection point at Cape Town, South Africa

Estimated Latencies:

  • Singapore to East Coast USA via Cape Town ~242 ms
  • Singapore to FTZA ~192ms
  • Singapore to São Paulo ~ 228ms

SAEx EAST – (Phase One)

SAEx East is the first phase to be built and will cross the Indian Ocean connecting two end points, Cape Town in South Africa, and Singapore, with auxiliary landings at Amanzimtoti (Durban), Reunion, and Mauritius. Cape Town and Amanzimtoti will provide the potential for interconnection with Equiano, 2Africa and other regional systems.

The core trunk between Singapore and South Africa will be prioritised. Stubbed BUs will allow connection as appropriate to additional strategic markets (including India), once identified customers commit. The Network will serve ≥50% of the world’s population via the Singapore Gateway, with fewer interconnect points, thus reducing costs, and offering Asian customers a highly competitive route from Singapore to South Africa and the Americas

SAEx East provides:

  • An Express path connecting South Africa to Singapore
  • Providing Improved connectivity for Indian Ocean islands
  • Enabling Enhanced Indian Ocean diversity restoration opportunities

Estimated Latencies:

  • Singapore to Cape Town ~117 ms
  • Singapore to Durban ~98ms
  • Singapore to Mauritius ~70ms


  • Amanzimtoti (~9,000 kms)
  • Mauritius (~6,000 kms)
length of main trunk ~11,749 kms (CT to SNG)
total length incl. branches ~14,720 km
minimum design capacity 15 Tb per fibre pair
Target RFS Date Q4 2026
Topology and seabed profile of SAEx1 - South Atlantic Express Cable

SAEx WEST – (Phase Two)

SAEx West, will be the focus of Phase 2, starting approximately 3 months after the CIF of SAEx East. As planned, SAEx West will cross the South Atlantic from Cape Town to Fortaleza, Brazil, and end at Virginia Beach, in the USA.

SAEx West provides:

  • A direct express path from South Africa to the Americas
  • Improved connectivity potential for South Atlantic islands
  • Creates an opportunity for resilient mesh networks in support of other South Atlantic systems

Estimated Latencies:

  • Cape Town to Fortaleza ~ 75ms
  • Cape Town to São Paulo ~111ms
  • Cape Town to Virginia Beach ~134ms
  • Cape Town to New York City ~135ms


length of main trunk ~13,400 kms (VB to CT)
~7,000 kms (FTZA to CT)
minimum design capacity 15 Tb per fibre pair
Target RFS Date Q4 2027
Topology and seabed profile of SAEx2 - South Asia Express Cable

Project Status

Status of SAEx1 - South Atlantic Express Cable

A new route avoiding existing choke points

  • SAEx provides a secure all subsea routing from the Indian Ocean and Asia to the Americas, avoiding geological and geopolitical hazards present on current paths. The South Atlantic shows greater geophysical stability than the Mediterranean, Far East and Pacific, while the western side of the Indian Ocean is much calmer seismically than the eastern Indian Ocean.
  • SAEx uses a route through the geologically safe and ‘peaceful’ South Atlantic and Indian Oceans with physical separation from established transit hubs and known geological hazards that occur on existing paths.
  • SAEx provides an all subsea route from Indian Ocean network nodes in the Gulf Region, India and East Asia to South America and the USA. To the extent possible, SAEx avoids narrow straits and transits through potentially unstable areas and unreliable overland transit networks.
  • SAEx will provide the only secure subsea connectivity between cable systems on the east and west coasts of Africa.

Strategic Global Advisors



Dr Rosalind Thomas

Dr Rosalind Thomas

MD at SAEx International Management Ltd (Mauritius)
CEO at SAEx SA (Pty) Ltd (South Africa)

Fiona Beck

Fiona Beck

Senior Adviser to, and Shareholder in
SAEx International Management Ltd



Peter Howard

Peter Howard

Lead of Project Management and Vendor Selection

John Tibbles

John Tibbles

Strategy & Marketing Advisor
Managing Director at JTIC Consulting

Paul Dixon

Paul Dixon

Financial Advisor
Managing Director at Nova Capital Partners
New York City, USA



Map of South Atlantic Express Cable (SAEx1) and South Asia Express Cable (SAEx2)


Telecom Italia Sparkle S.p.A.
to be announced

Global Partner Asia/EMEA


Following an open bidding process, ASN has been selected as the Preferred Vendor

Alcatel Submarine Networks